History will not hurriedly forget the sacrifices this particular indigene of Abia State has privately and publicly given to make sure he fulfills the clarion call, assistive demands and yearnings of his people in Aba-South constituency of Abia State.

On Tuesday, 11th of September, Hon. Levite Matthew Uchechukwu Okorie finally procured his Notification and Expression of Interest Forms from All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) at the state office of the political party in Abia State.

Hon. Levite Matthew Okorie holding his APGA Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms at APGA State Office, Abia State.

This bold action solidly and unwaveringly shows the people of Aba-South constituency that Honourable Levite Matthew Okorie (OgwoSouth) has fully committed to the pledge he made to them when they demanded his return from Finland, a clarion call for public representation of Aba-South constituency in Abia State House of Assembly.

Hon. Levite Matthew Okorie who took everyone, especially the youths of Aba-South by surprise. Many were in doubts that an European trained indigene of Abia State who professionally and comfortably lives in Finland with his family members will not abandon the high levels of comforts, good environments, safe society, social services and quality healthcare that are available in Europe to return to Aba just to serve his people.

(R-L) Hon. Levite Matthew Okorie and a closed supporter after collecting his APGA Nomination and Expression of Interest Forms at APGA State Office, Abia State.

After signing all necessary papers regarding his APGA Nomination and Expression of Interest forms, OgwoSouth addressed some of the residents and people of Aba-South who were at the APGA State office, informing them “Aba is my home, I grew up and went to school here. It is my honour to answer the call of my people and serve them in ways they deem fit.”

While still addressing the people, OgwoSouth reassuringly utilised the moment to remind the people that all events of his campaigns will officially flag-off on Saturday, 15th of September, 2018 by 12 noon at 174, Hospital Road, Aba.

At the end of his address, OgwoSouth took to his official Facebook account to share the update of his APGA Forms procurement to further reach-out to the teeming residents and indigenes of Aba-South and Abia State who follow him on social media to receive information and updates. He confirmed to them of his resolution to fight for them until true leadership changes are visible and enjoyed in Aba-South.

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