My Personal Pledge To The People Of Aba-South Constituency, Abia State – Hon. Levite Okorie


It is yet another round of political season as electioneering processes in Nigeria begin to stem up different activities from aspirants, political party organisations, election governing bodies and even the electorates aren’t left out.

As Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has drawn out a prospective timetable for the upcoming general elections for all political parties and party candidates to adhere to, aspirants are all busy shoring up their quests and energies to near and win the needful backing of supporters and electorates.

Honourable Levite Matthew U. Okorie, an All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) aspirant for Abia State House of Assembly, Aba-South constituency publicly presented his campaign pledge and personal manifesto to his people in an official statement published on his personal Facebook page.

Read the unedited statement below:

I believe so much in democracy and our party (APGA) is purely Democratic. I believe in new ideas, #NotTooYoungToRun, innovations, creativity and above all, rule of law, which are what our great party stands for.

My party APGA believes in the newness of Nigeria and oneness of Abia State not minding where you come from as far as you can deliver leadership dividends to the people. For that reason, the party cannot practice what we are already fighting against at the moment.

Our party has constitution, beliefs, manifestos, principles and methods of operations which I solemnly stand for.

I plead you to vote the real change that Abia desires for, to vote for positive leadership skill and to vote for the party “ALL PROGRESSIVES GRAND ALLIANCE” (APGA) that will deliver promises made and finally to vote for Hon. Matthew Uchechukwu Okorie.

I promise to be bold and decisive, to stand up for the people of Aba-South in decision making and against those who opposed the change in Aba South constituency.

It will be good to state that I am not contesting this election for my personal nor family interests. Rather, I am contesting this election because I have great zeal, passion and love for the development of Abia State, most especially Aba South where I am presently contesting for.

I am part of the change that I preached about and I know what the change we are struggling for is all about.

Again, I am not vying for this position neither for myself nor my family but to be a source of empowerment to our youths, to showcase their potentials, and as well, work towards actualising those potentials.

I will make sure that I draw the attention of the state government to my constituency for infrastructural developments and as well, create ways of opportunities for them.

Before now, Aba south residents have been longing for vibrant and profitable representations; a leader that will bring dividends of democracy for the people.

I believe that God has answered their prayers by bringing me to them because, now is the best time to effect that change that they have desired for the past years of slavery in the hands of the political monsters.

I think Aba South development depends on the vibrant and energetic young generation with great ideologies to foster the rapid development of Aba South through my decisive motions at the State House and not a dull, analogue brain representing us now.

I will also seek to promote and support the nationally signed bill of “Not Too Young To Run” from the presidency in Abia State.

I will make sure that the welfare of my party LG executives, up to ward levels and members are being met and as well, to carry along other fellow contestants both in and outside my party who did not make it.

My economic empowerment supports for the people of my constituency cover the areas of sports development, widows’ aid program, and health care for the elderly, nursing mothers and children.

Finally, I will seek to give the youths in my constituency a voice in Abia State.

Together we can achieve it and say enough is enough.

Thank You.

Hon. Levite Matthew Uchechukwu Okorie
APGA Aspirant for Abia State House of Assembly
Aba South Constituency, 2019 General Election.

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