Breaking: Donald Trump Opens U.S. Embassy In Jerusalem, Makes United States The First Country To Do So Amid Global Tensions


As Israel celebrate the existence of its nationhood on Monday, 14th May, 2018, history repeated itself in another fashion.

United States, 70-years ago was the first country in the world to recognise, accept and pronounce Israel as an independent nation, sovereign by its laws and populated by Jewish people.

Today, U.S. President kept his campaign promise to Americans as he officially opens the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, the capital city of Israel, the headquarter of the Israeli government.

President Donald Trump was represented by her daughter Ivanka Trump and other appointed delegates.

Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu and his wife were present at the opening ceremony. PM Netanyahu also met with Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Senatorial delegation led by Lindsey Graham and a Congressional delegation led by Joe Wilson.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu while speaking to the U.S. delegates said “today is an historic day that constitutes a milestone in the history of our people, our state and our alliance”.

A recorded speech of President Donald Trump was played during the event and the U.S. President spoke about his commitment to peace between Israel and its neighbours and why it was the right thing to do relocating American embassy to Jerusalem because in every nation, embassies are cited at the capital city of the country.

Notwithstanding the historic nature of the occasion, no elected official of the U.S. opposition party, the Democrats was at the event.

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