Twitter War: Governor El-Rufai Fights Governor Ayo Fayose


Nigerians witnessed a different kind of political brawl last night when they saw a massive fight back against the incumbent Governor of Ekiti state, Mr Ayo Fayose.

The Governor of Ekiti utilised his verified Twitter account to campaign and remind Nigerians that APC is of “no good” a party and that the latter are not interested in keeping their campaign promises except devise means of massively sacking workers and teachers like they are doing in Kaduna.

Mr. Ayo Fayose further stated that the events unravelling in Kaduna state is also supported by the APC-led Federal government. He advised the APC leadership to come to Ekiti state where people are empowered with newer information instead of retrenching them.

It was at the end of these tweets that Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna subtly replied his Ekiti counterpart with clarification and corrections on what they are doing in Kaduna.

See the picture below:

The twitter exchange between the two Nigerian governors has generated media attention and discussion among political analysts.

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