Nnamdi Kanu, STOP HIDING, those you INVITED are here.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, Biafra is not the only solution if the quest to actualise it brings us loss of lives, properties and years of progress.


(Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Ndigbo Part 2)

By Stephen Chidiebere Ikebude

Dated: Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dear Nnamdi Kanu,

It was rather unfortunate seeing the ways events have turned disturbingly since the last letter I sent to you. I didn’t get your acknowledgement but those affiliated to your cause responded on your behalf.

The first open letter (READ HERE) I drafted to you resonated different ideas for further deliberation but time and locational limitation wouldn’t allow cross-sectional debate between us. Painstakingly, I know an opportunity will arise sometime in the future for us to discuss and deliberate on the key points of my first letter.

In furtherance Nnamdi Kanu, you didn’t heed the advice I outlined in my letter. I noticed you continued to create more irrelevant attention to yourself instead solidifying your structure and base towards amplifying the true importance and needs why a Republic of Biafra should be actualised.

Nnamdi Kanu, I heard you saying, “I lived in England and I know how the British people think” in an audio message that went viral on social media. But most frantically, I doubt if you know exactly what you mean because I can emphatically say your actions and strategies depict those of a person without a British background or European orientation.

My brother, I applaud your courage and push for Biafra actualisation. Unequivocally, your lack of directional strategy and organisational structure are causing our people pains, penury, insecurity, damages of properties and economic losses.

Your careless talks, unguarded utterances and hate speeches have brought afflictions to the good people of Igboland. Ndigbo suffers and dies while you hide. Innocent and unsuspecting members of the public are made to bear and witness the harsh treatments of the Nigerian military, ordered by a carefree Nigeria’s President who doesn’t care about Ndigbo. Nnamdi Kanu, the people you invited have come, where are you?

In my last letter to you, I explained that the quest for nationhood doesn’t require the life of human beings. It should be a peaceful process that is properly coordinated, timely, adequately publicised and structurally organised towards a collectively agreed goal.

I gave you an example of Catalonia in Spain. Nnamdi Kanu, this weekend, 700 Spanish mayors in the Catalonia territory supported and gave their nod for a Catalonian referendum. Citizens of Catalonians occupied the streets to peacefully protest any attempts of the Spanish national government to thwart aim for nationhood.

Though, the Spanish government wasn’t in support, they even to investigate the source of monies utilised for the event. But, in the whole process, no violence and no life was lost.
Nnamdi Kanu, you claim to be learned but you act unpreparedly, you talk excessively without carrying your people along. You call Nigeria a zoo but you fail to action otherwise. If you feel the democratic practice in Nigeria isn’t working, I expect you to lead IPOB and the quest for Biafran nationhood differently and institutionally.
The reason Nigeria isn’t working is because the leaders fail to plan wisely, action correctly and lead its people with dividends and positive results.

Nnamdi Kanu, if your speeches, messages and actions result to violence, more insecurities, economic losses, pains, deaths and hardships for Ndigbo, then you fail. And no one will associate with you or join in your quest. No intelligent person, high ranking government official or religious leader will want to associate with a tactless prattler.

Rome was not built in a day. Nationhood is never achieved in a blink. Even BREXIT is taking time to achieve. Until you understand that the struggle of Biafra is bigger than your personality, you will never achieve it.

You need an institutional approach to actualise Biafra. You need to accept the servant role, engage people in open discussions, network with international organisations and create a positional stand that doesn’t circle around you.

By now, I expected more people from Igboland to be as involved, active, holding some positions in IPOB as you are and creating awareness locally, internationally and globally through meetings, expositions, conferences and events.

My brother, quickly, as a matter of alacrity, stop people from bowing, prostrating and worshiping you. They needn’t idolise you because you are yet to achieve the desired goal. Focus on the target! Act like the Nnamdi Kanu of England, a man renowned for his simplicity, intelligence, outspokenness and opinionated views.

Stop calling Yorubas, Fulanis, Hausas and Nigeria all sorts of derogatory names. You don’t need hate speeches to get attention or publicity. Additionally, you are further periling your personality and accesses to unionize with others in achieving your goal.

Nigeria is a unique society. Nnamdi Kanu, your message needs to sink into your people first before you can achieve your aim. The people must also express their collective desires for Biafra through a non-violent process that doesn’t warrant carrying of stones, blocking of roads, disturbance of peace and order, neither should they be encouraged to militarised themselves, oppose directives from Nigeria’s law enforcement agents or attack the Nigerian army.

Your strategy should firstly include winning local supports by ensuring that IPOB members, affiliates and supporters are locally elected into governmental positions during all South-Eastern elections.

Gain power and use it to your advantage. No one wants war. Warring is still the reason Biafra hasn’t been achieved. Nigeria is multi-faceted; your approach must be too if you want to beat it by its game.


If you are an Igbo indigene anywhere in the world, I greet you respectfully. The situation in Umuahia, Abia state is disturbing, alarming and very debasing for Ndigbo. Our people have suffered a lot in the name of Biafran actualisation. Ndigbo has been meted with all forms of treatments by the leadership styles of Nigerian leaders.

Intentionally, I won’t use my time to emphasise on the cruelty of our Nigerian leaders towards Ndigbo in this letter because every part of Nigeria suffers from the unyielding, unfruitful, directionless, economic endangering, impoverishing and bad leadership of Nigeria.

I am an Igbo man from Anambra state. I hail from Okija, Ihiala local government area of Anambra state. I grew up in Lagos but I am presently on an academic journey abroad. I have family members in most parts of Nigeria and the news of bad leadership in Nigeria is practically the same everywhere.

Economic hardship, hunger, poor roads, economic uncertainty, business failures, insufficient power and so on are visible in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Jos and everywhere. Boko Haram in North East, floods in Benue and everywhere, the stories are endless.

But a but, the problems of Ndigbo were not caused by the Yorubas and Hausas. Ndigbo must realise that our inherent problems are caused and propagated by Ndigbo. Every Igbo person has a blame to share including me. The reason why South East is the way it is today is primarily of our own making.

We are always too quick to blame others while we carve out meaningful excuses why we didn’t act positively and accordingly. We build mansions everywhere without building anything commercial or enterprising in our lands. We do business abroad, pay taxes on strange lands on daily basis through VAT and return to our homelands only during festivities to complain of bad roads.

It is high time we all returned home and be involved in the developments of our lands. Two renowned Nollywood actors (Pete Edochie and Bob-Manuel Udokwu) during one public event in South East advised Ndigbo to bring some of their investments back home.
They further suggested to Ndigbo and cautioned every Igbo person to stop buying, clearing and building houses in forests in Yorubaland, Hausaland and everywhere else outside Igboland in quests of being landlords.

Aba, Onitsha and other notable markets can organise, demand and urge the mentally weak South-East governors to build a seaport in South East. The reason why those South-East governors are dysfunctional, unyielding and unproductive is because no one is engaging them.

Didn’t you all see what happened when Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB engaged them? They all became afraid because they do not want to lose power. Ndigbo, we all can make our lands work. We can build our lands without disintegrating from Nigeria.

Don’t let anyone deceive you, Biafra is not the only solution if the quest to actualise it brings us loss of lives, properties and years of progress.

Most importantly, the actualisation of Biafra requires a steady, stagy and continuous approach and the approach shouldn’t be about an individual. It should be about Ndigbo.

I pray for peace and tranquility in all parts of Igboland. I condemn the military approach of the Nigerian government in Igboland and using this medium, I call the attention of the international community, enjoining them to wade into this unfortunate situation in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a nation blessed with human and natural resources, I pray we don’t accurse it with intolerance, disunity and hatred for ourselves.
Thank you for your time.

Best regards.
Stephen Chidiebere Ikebude

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  1. God bless You Sir. To be sincere with You, You said it all. I only wish that Nnamdi Kanu will read and absorb your advice. The killing is much and there’s no peace in Igboland any longer. I pray that sanity should be restored back to Igbo land. According to my people in the East they said they sleep with one eye open, its not proper pls. Pls I plead in the name of God that everyone should embrace PEACE. Amen

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