Relationship Saga, By Chisom E. Uche

An average African believes that at the mention of the word 'relationship', a sexual condition must be attached to it. Unlike the Western world where views are aired without any form of funk attributed.


Relationship is perceptibly defined as the connection or a condition that happens either between two individuals or a group of individuals. This has been from the time of creation up until this generation. For an active relationship to take place, willingness from either one or both partners involved is required to keep the bond firm.

In the world today, there are several kinds of relationship going on, ranging from the teens to the that of the adult age. There has been a contrasting view on who should be involved a relationship.

An average African believes that at the mention of the word ‘relationship’, a sexual condition must be attached to it. Unlike the Western world where views are aired without any form of funk attributed.

Literally, since relationship is a basic word, there should be kinds or forms of relationships. It’s vital for individuals to have an insight on the type of relationship to involve oneself with. I will share my brief description of the kinds to which I have witnessed.

The first of which is the ”parasitic relationship”. In this situation it’s one-sided, when one of the partners involved tends to benefit exponentially from the relationship at the detriment of the other partner, also possessing an ignorant attitude towards issues that needs severe attention.

Another of its kind is the ”abusive relationship”. In this situation, it’s slightly adjacent to the former. But most times, it appears to be the worst of it all. Both or either of the individuals involved in the relationship tends to be very aggressive to the each other. This is the bedrock that slowly breeds domestic violence, injuries and most times death. In my own opinion, legal actions need to be taken to avoid future occurrence.

The last of which is the ”mutual relationship” in this type of relationship, the both partners involved enjoy feasible benefits from each other. Actually, this is the most beneficial of them all, but there’s need for modification in every aspect of the relationship to avoid an unstable relationship.

There are several misconceptions that accompanies the word relationship, most people believe that a relationship must be motivated or triggered, by either a reason or a factor. Most ladies go into a relationship for material benefits, like having a good account balance, designer wears and flashy cars. While the male genders may venture into a relationship to be able to satisfy their sexual urge and to be able to maximize his ego.

Meanwhile in a healthy relationship, there are standard rules necessary to make it grow rapidly. Each of the partner involved should place enormous value on each other. There should be room for tolerance, forgiveness and sacrifice. Understanding and love are major key components that lighten up a relationship, which will in turn give it a long lifespan.

Take note of some contaminating factors around that might try to deplete your relationship. It might come in different formations ranging from bad advisers to corrupt friends. One who’s ready to build a relationship that will stand the test of time should be ready to discard unnecessary elements around.

Basically, it can be said that “the rate at which a relationship grows is directly proportional to the serial efforts put into it to become a success”. So practically for any relationship to grow there’s need for team work and proper adjustments on any form of attitude and lifestyle exhibited by either of the partner in a relationship.

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