Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth by Princess Ada Ujaligwa


“Many women are now learning not to go and fight side chic o. They will simply get a side dude. Finish”. – Princess Ada Ujaligwa

Guys, Umunwanyi no dey joke again o. Babes of nowadays no dey laugh again o.

The days of complete female subjugation are fast receding into the distant past. The days when married men will flagrantly cheat on their wives and expect her to endure it and remain a good and faithful wife are going, going, gone.

Increasing awareness of gender equality in marriage means that less men will get away with cheating on their wives. Some women who are fiercely equality minded may just decide not to do the usual crying, moaning, whining, whingeing, complaining, praying and waiting endlessly for their husbands to change. They are likely to simply equalize the imbalance by cheating in return. Simple.

Rather than suffer in pain and endure the cheating like women in our mothers generation did, they are far more likely to get a side dude who will give them joy. Just like the side chic who is giving their husbands joy. Hmmmmm.

Pious long suffering wives who will wait and wait in abject misery for their husbands to change his ways are seriously on the decline.

Umunwoke, Guys! The standards you have set are now gradually being superseded by women. By miles!

Many women are now learning not to go and fight side chic o. They will simply get a side dude. Finish.

And you know that women who cheat can do so with Machiavellian precision. You will not even suspect it. Unlike you guys who leave traces everywhere. The kind chopping and cleaning mouth wey babes dey do now no be beans. Only a spirit can discover the kind waka wey they dey waka. Hian!

And she will feel completely justified doing it. With no iota of doubt or guilt. You would have given iniquity free reign in your marriage and your family.

So biko Nna, don’t start what you cannot bear your wife to do to you. Think am well before deciding to have a side chic. The side dude wey your wife fit get go give you a major run for your money o. Correct macho Adonis, with 6 packs, sinewy muscles rippling through his glorious maleness.

Meanwhile she was managing your pot bellied flabby baldness in all faithfulness without realising what she was missing until you opened her eyes with your roving community groin.

No just try the married women of this generation. Keep your hands off other women if you are a married man who can’t stand the thought of another man chopping your wife.

God help us all Amen 🙏

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