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Islam and Democracy: A Tangency of Fractious Philosophies

By Mas'ud Segun Adesanya Yet again, we are witnessing the absurdity of forcing the coexistence of Islam and Democracy, as highlighted by the ongoing controversy...

Restructuring Of The Mind.

By Mas'ud Segun Adesanya The epileptic argument that seeks to dismiss the wide calls for political restructuring of Nigeria, on the barren ground that it...

The Schooling Encroachment By Mas’ud Segun Adesanya

Six-Eight hours a day, five days a week, four weeks a month, and on and on, our kids/wards are confined to schools, reading books...

Local Dialects as Languages of Instruction by Mas’ud Segun Adesanya

"As a people, we must go back to the basics to pick our pieces and look forward therefrom". - Adesanya One of my most fulfilling...
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