The Untold Story Of A Man Unknown To His People In Imo State, Nigeria

Portrait Pictures of Sir George Ezenna Eche at his office in Government House, Imo State, Nigeria.

Intrinsically, it is quite ironical to say a man is unknown to his own people, especially for a public servant who unrelenting, selflessly and officially avails himself to the uses of the good people of Imo State.

Incidentally, most people in Imo State do not know this particular son of theirs in ways they should. Intriguingly, how does a man who publicly serves his people at the highest governmental office of the land evades popularity in mass media, social media and even in public functions?

Most public officers will seek popularity and fame-motivated media campaigns. And in this era of Social Media, they will have public profiles on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram just to champion their ideas and attain some famous levels of relevance while being in touch with people. But, this man has avoided these known norms. What has he been doing in Imo State and why?

This report is written to explicitly expose the man who productively does a lot for his people behind the prying eyes and media reportages conspicuously hovering in public sceneries. It is pertinent to state that for every moving vehicle, there is a functional unit, an engine, covered from sight that powers the vehicle.

Sir George Ezenna Eche is the engine, the powerhouse of Imo State Government. He is the Secretary to the Imo State Government of Governor Rochas Okorocha and by virtue of his functions and duties, everything about the State Government passes through him.

Sir George Ezenna Eche

Dear Sir George Ezenna Eche, your people deserve to know you and what you do for them behind the scenes. Your people deserve to know you have been involved in keeping the Imo State Government functioning while Governor Rochas Okorocha attends to other functions outside the state. They need to know you are constantly in sync with the Governor, which necessitates the smooth running of Imo State.

An Imo indigene birthed into the family of a renowned Ngor-Okpala community leader Mr. Gilbert Alex  Eche of Umuowa-Oma Obiangwu, a suburban district in Ngor-Okpala Local Government Area of Imo State.

Sir George Ezenna Eche

Sir. George Ezenna Eche is academically well read and professionally proficient. We all know Gov. Rochas Okorocha will not employ, appoint and have an academically unqualified or professionally impotent person as Secretary to his government.

Humility is indeed a virtue, a saying evidently lived by Sir George Ezenna Eche who isn’t new when it comes to leadership and governance. In the Civil service of Imo State, Sir Eche has served as Graduate employee, Permanent Secretary before becoming the Accountant-General of Imo State, a position he resigned from in March 2014.

Sir George Ezenna Eche

Apart from official duties, our research showed that Sir George Ezenna Eche is a lot busier than we thought. Who would expect a man as governmentally engaged and dutifully mandated to physically respond to official assignments will sacrifice his personal time to grossly participate in non-governmental, non-profit and humanitarian projects?

Specifically in Nigeria, we do not think there are any appointed Secretaries to any State Government who sacrifices private times to participate in services to help humanity. And if there are few, we can succinctly say that Sir George Ezenna Eche heads those few in terms of inputs, time spent and physical involvement.

Sir George Ezenna Eche giving medical treatment along with his team at Divine Charity Foundation.

Sir George Ezenna Eche is a man who loves to help and associate with commoners, especially those who are unable to cater or fend for themselves. This personality attribute of his throttled the emergence of a pet project, a humanity-based organisation known as Divine Charity Foundation, through which he touches and help people in need of medical aid, advisory supports and treatments.

Staff members of Sir George Ezenna Eche’s Divine Charity Foundation.

Assertively, we can point out that this humanitarian pet project, Divine Charity Foundation, of Sir George Ezenna engulfs colossal part of Sir George Ezenna’s salaries and monthly take-homes.

(L-R) Sir George Ezenna Eche and the Coordinator, Divine Charity Foundation.

Without mincing words, it is almost impossible for any to succeed in all, especially in public civil service and professional life without having and maintaining a healthy relationship with family. Sir George, a humble person and loving husband who is happily married to Lady Veronica Eche-George and their healthy home is blissful with six offsprings.

Even as a public servant and with enormous engagements, Sir George Ezenna Eche never fails to carry his family along in all. He attends his events in company of his wife no matter how lowly or highly placed such public event might be. This is quite testamentary in depicting how much he values his wife and treasures relationship with people.

(R-L) Sir George Ezenna Eche and his wife during church service at Imo State, Nigeria.

The lifestyle of Sir George Ezenna Eche depicts his high application of religious principles, such expected of a devout Christian. Sir Eche is a member of St John International Parish, an ordained Knight of the Roman Catholic Church who propagates the gospel through his behavioural dealings with people.

If you are a player of tennis and an ardent watcher or fan of good football, then, you share a characteristic feature with the Secretary of Imo State Government. As much as he enjoys to fervently work, Sir George Ezenna Eche doesn’t joke when it comes to refreshing himself. He does so methodically in order to be fit to publicly serve and healthily perform to his best for his people.

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