Horrific Wildfires Sweep Greece, Many Feared Dead.


Greece, a European country faces yet again another saddening calamity which has caused dead of dozens of people, injured hundreds and completely wiped out several communities, making up the big part of Attica.

According to emerging reports, this is the worst wildfires incident Greece has ever seen in decades.

The country’s leadership have declared a state of emergency in the affected areas and requested the help of the European Union to combat this ugly natural disaster.

Turkey, a fellow NATO member has pledged to help out, calling on others closer to Greece to quicken their aid and support.

Red Cross workers and other aid organisations were on ground to immediately help out people especially those in need of immediate relocation, food supplies, resettlement and clothing.

The real cause and source of the wildfires remains uncertain but reports suggest climate change could have played a role in catalysing the speed as which the fire flames travelled.

As at the time of filling this report, more than seventy (70) persons have been confirmed dead, more than hundred (100) injured and hundreds homeless and displaced.

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