Libya: Is Human Trafficking And Return Of Slave Trade Developments In Libya A Western Ploy To Violently Discourage Migration To Europe?


The worst is yet to be recorded following the recent revelations of human trafficking and the resurgence of slave trade in the globe.

The full detailed story of a Nigerian young man who was interviewed by CNN few weeks ago confirmed the speculations of human trafficking and the unlawful activities of slave trade in Africa.

Today, Keskus uncovered another segment to the developing Libya stories. It is now known that black Africans with desires to reach Europe through Libya aren’t just beaten and sold as slaves, they are even beaten to death with desires for their body organs and parts.

A recent video uploaded on our Facebook page showed how horribly a black young man was beaten by more than three Libyan men. The beating was done using knife, baton and other unknown instruments.

Pictures from the video are below:

The unfolding developments in Libya are very disturbing and attracting the outrage from political leaders all around the world. Official reports of condemnation from international organisations like United Nations, Human Rights Watch have done little or nothing to abate the situations in Libya.

People are calling for frantic actions from African and global leaders to put a final stop to the high levels of indignation and dehumanisation orchestrated in Libya.

The demise of Ex-President Gaddafi has given room to an unprecedented hunger, strife, hardship and societal collapse in Libya.

It is no longer business as usual for those seeking to reach the borders of Europe through Libya. Discussions in social media show that people are concerned. Some feel that this might be another Western ploy to violently discourage black people from embarking on this perilous journey to Europe.

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