Igbos, An Immigrant Community That Traditionally Adds To The Beauties Of A Multicultural Finland


Finland was not the same on Saturday, 14th of October, 2017. On this particular day, the Igbo Community, a functional and highly cohesive immigrant group in Finland held a traditional occasion of worth.The Igbo Union of Finland, a social association of all the Igbo language speaking immigrants living in Finland, an affiliate to the Igbo Union Congress worldwide celebrated its “IGBO DAY FESTIVAL”, an event that denotes and celebrates the unison of Ndigbo in Finland.

During the Igbo Day Festival Celebration, the organisers simultaneously marked the significant “IRI-JI TRADITION”, an Igbo tradition that goes back to generations and origins of Ndigbo.

The New Yam festival is an international event celebrated by all the Igbo communities all over the world. It is a yearly event that was initiated by the founding forefathers of Ndigbo and has been maintained and continued by descendants and Igbo indigenes from generations to generations.

In Finland, the Igbo Union is structured to operate among Ndigbo living in different regions of the country. It is an associative umbrella that shelters and connects all Igbos in Finland.

The Igbo Union Finland has regional, unitary and divisional Igbo meetings among Ndigbo in Vaasa, Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, etcetera.These divisions and meetings are utilised to keep the Igbo Union Association In Finland closer to the Igbos leaving in such communities. Each division is registered and headed by elected or appointed executives.

The New Yam Festival, a notable and highly recognised tradition among Ndigbo worldwide is usually celebrated to mark the end of a successful season and harvest.It is a time for all Igbos to reflect, dine and merry with themselves, in the presence of their friends.

The Igbo community in Finland celebrated this event in a glamorous and grandiose style with lots to eat and drink.

The Tampere division of the Igbo Union Finland had the honour of organising the IRIJI FESTIVAL. They hosted the event in a well planned, timed, and efficient way.

Tampere is one of the most populous Finnish cities and it is quite centrally located too. At the moment, Tampere is home to the second largest number of immigrant communities living in Finland after Helsinki.The event took place at the heart centre of city and Ndigbo from every part of Finland graced the occasion. Also in attendance were friends of Ndigbo, the Nigerian, Finnish, Cameroonian and other immigrant communities in Tampere.

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