Before you hate Nnamdi Kanu, read this.


By Badero Olusola (Maiyegun)

Kanu reminds me of Nelson Mandela and apartheid struggle in South Africa. According to Mandela himself, the whole country, including black South Africans labelled him a terrorist who was selfish and heartless that his campaign would lead to death of many blacks.

Many claimed Mandela was trying to be king in a new South Africa populated by blacks and Mandela’s worst critics were blacks he was fighting for.

Mandela and his ANC comrades were hounded, blacklisted and jailed for their cause. Mandela and ANC were tagged “terrorists” by the British and other western media. Cuba and other pariah states under the sanctions of the western powers supported Mandela and his comrades. That even worsen the situation as he was charged for treason and jailed for same.

27 years after when his youth was already stolen from him, African leaders rose to mobilise for his release. Mandela came out of prison and the world was made to forget all they called him – “heartless terrorist”. Those who misunderstood him are now the champion of his ideologies across the world today.

Before you lose your temper over my postulations, know this, I am not comparing Mandela with Kanu – no they are two different personalities of different causes.

Mandela believed black South Africans were being marginalised in their country and deserves to sit on the same table with the apartheid government led by whites as partners in nation building; Kanu once campaigned for restructuring like other Igbo leaders but changed cause when he saw that the odd was against the campaigners in the unitary structured Nigeria – he chose peaceful dissolution after – referendum.

Kanu is many people’s nightmare and he must be crushed they roared, thanks to the media. Every of his critics today are pontificating on what must befall him and his followers for daring to “divide Nigeria”.

One day, you will look back to a time like this and remember freedom fighters were never loved anywhere in the world until they succeed but they are never hated either as you may think too. To shock you, the world revered them and respect them, even when they don’t agree with them.

One day you will look back and remember all you’ve missed from the Freedom campaigns because you choose to see ONLY what you wanted to see.

One day one of you would be pushed to be a Kanu of your generation and you will look back to this day and remember your role.

I am not for the breakup of Nigeria. I am for a restructured Nigeria where all the public wastes on unproductive lazy opportunists in government will reduce drastically and public spending can improve.

If they love Nigeria this much as they are claiming, let us restructure NOW.

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