The Most Successful Nigerian In Finland Celebrates 9-Years Of Living In Finland.


The story of Solomon Abiona in Finland is simply a motivational one, a tale that proves one’s determination is a prerequisite for success especially in an environment where efforts are evenly rewarded.

Solomon Abiona is a born Nigerian and a citizen of Finland.

Nine years ago, Solomon migrated to Finland for an international degree. Today, he celebrates that bold move and the gains of his Finland journey with a thanksgiving post on his Facebook account.


Educationally, Solomon has achieved a lot, with several professional certifications.

He finished the educational program that brought him to Finland, an international bachelor’s degree at the Hämeenlinna University Of Applied Sciences, in the southern Finland city of Hämeenlinna.

At the moment, the father of one is on the verge of completing an engineering Master’s degree studies at the Vaasa University Of Applied Sciences, in the western Finland city of Vaasa.


Solomon is married to the love of his life, Laura Pihkanen. A beautiful Finnish lady he dated while studying at the university of applied sciences in Hämeenlinna.

Laura and Solomon are known among their friends for their warm love towards each other.

The couple are never shy to share romantic pictures of themselves during travel trips and holidays abroad.

The family of Laura and Solomon is blessed with Andy, their three years old son.

Few months ago, the mother of Solomon visited Finland to meet with her son and grandson. It was a time of merrymaking and a season of family gatherings between Solomon’s mother and her son’s Finnish in-laws.


Solomon Abiona has a good employment record. During and after each of his educational pursuits, Solomon has always been engaged in formal employments.

As part time, he supports his family from incomes made while working in several notable Finnish and international firms in Finland.

Solomon has worked with IKEA, a Swedish firm and currently employed by Lidl, a firm with 15 years of history in Finland.

Social Life

The ‘Nigerian mayor’ of Valkeakoski is an astute Nigerian who never fails to party or socially associate with fellow Nigerians, Africans and everyone.

In fact, he does so with the company of his family. Most recently, he attended an interracial wedding in Hämeenlinna with his family.

Among his friends, Solomon is known to be supportive whenever he is available. “I was supported when I relocated to this country. For that, I do not hesistate to support whenever needs arise” said Solomon.

Read his unedited Facebook post:

Exactly nine years ago, I took a bold step of leaving my home country for Finland, to pursue an International degree….

I have since remain here, not because my home country is bad but because the low Finnish population better creates the chance to exercise my human rights and remain in peace.

I’m on the verge of obtaining my fourth academic certificate, all tuition free. I even got financial scholarships to study free. If I want these qualifications from the so called United Kingdom, United States or Australia, it would’ve costed me a minimum of €65,000.00, approximately 27,500.000.00 naira

Added to this, I decided to opt for dual nationality three years ago and in a space of two months, three weeks; my application was granted a decision, thereby making me one of the immigrants with the fastest citizenship decision in recent times.

I am poor, I am not a millionaire, neither am I a politician who can afford to buy a £4,5 million apartment in Banana Island but I can afford the little I need, so I’m thankful !

God bless those who have made my stay joyful ! God bless my friends !! God bless Finland !!!

#9years #NoCrime #TaxPayer #IfeelGrateful #Suomi

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  1. Jesus, this so redefines successfull as I know Nigerians in Finland who for example work for the government and THAT is a bit more success thsn cleaning for a swedish fueniture company. Please… Don’t write a story praising yourself, at least try to be humble. All the successful Nigerians in Finland keep their head low but eh Solomon you trying to push yourself too much. Think a bit before declaring yourself the MOST successful Nigerian in Finland…

    • @Suchfan, you rock. This article is so blatant and misleading. Well, marrying a white Finn makes him the most successful, and now he is ‘Finished’, I mean a Finn 🙂

    • @Suchfan, you rock. This article is so blatant and misleading. Well, marrying a white Finn makes him the most successful, and now he is ‘Finished’, I mean a Finn 🙂

    • @Suchfan, you rock. This article is so blatant and misleading. Well, marrying a white Finn makes him the most successful, and now he is ‘Finished’, I mean a Finn 🙂


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