Restructuring Of The Mind.


By Mas’ud Segun Adesanya

The epileptic argument that seeks to dismiss the wide calls for political restructuring of Nigeria, on the barren ground that it is unnecessary and that what is needed, instead, is the “restructuring of the mind,” suffers immense intellectual poverty to the extent that it implicitly suggests that a society may simply function properly without methodical organisation and purposeful institutions.

That is, a society may neither require laws nor enforcement agencies, and that once its people can individually get absolute control over their minds at all times, such society can achieve collective sanity and progressive order.

Indeed, nothing can be more nonsensical to its roots than an argument along this line of reasoning. Even religion that oftentimes imposes an opium-lobotomy on the brains and minds of its adherents still requires structures, organisations, institutions, and laws for its purposeful subsistence. It does not subject itself to a presumed “restructured mind” of the adherents. The reverse is what holds true.

A general truism is that a progressive society is not achieved by moral exhortations. Never. Rather, what is done is that right structures and vibrant institutions are created to compel people to do the right things for the collective good of the society.

Therefore, the dream of a “restructured mind” can only come to fruition within the precincts of a properly structured environment. It is only a properly structured environment that can activate its structural enablers to facilitate the restructuring of the mind for the collective good of the society.

Unfortunately, however, that we persist to confuse cause for effect in the various discourses around our political ageing and collective rigmaroling continues to prove suicidal.

We must all stop playing this dangerous possum and keep our minds alive to our realities in order to avert the approaching doom.

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