Our president is back. Our sick president Buhari returned hale and hearty from London after 103 days of medical vacation that costed Nigeria millions of Naira. He returned to discover the damages rodents have caused to his office in Aso Rock, which resulted in keeping him away from his office for days. In between, our President had to work from home.

I know it’s no longer news that our president is back but I’m quite disported that some Nigerians in London took credits for chasing President Buhari away to Nigeria when they organised mid-night protest rallies at the Abuja House in London. The protests were carried out with permissions from the London Police, whereas in Nigeria, the police were seen brutalizing violent-free protesters demanding the resumption of their President.

In earnest, I have closely followed the events of the magnificent return of our dear president to Nigeria. His heroic welcome and the triumphant atmosphere he was greeted with portrayed him as a conqueror who was returning after many foreign conquests. Closely, I watched the different episodes he has orchestrated since his eventful comeback: the series of executive meetings, photo-ops with family, reception of political emissaries, threatening press releases and media round-tables.

Wow, it was as if the Nigerian president awakened to the existence of local media and journalistic practices in Nigeria. In his time, from the moment he was sworn-in till his return from London, I do not think this president has ever organised any interactive media parley with our local media outlets. He has notably given more time, meetings and interviews to international media organisations in attempts to gain international supports.

Nigerians quickly acquainted themselves to watching and hearing from their president through foreign media sources. Interestingly, our President returned from London with urges for local contents. He even had several media parleys and live interactive round-tables, entertaining questions regarding his health and plans for Nigeria. The same health conditions that were politicized and controversially reported by his media team while he was hospitalised in London.

As the events of our President’s return unfold, I realised the President returned to briskly carry out some of his personal and selfish desires. In the process, he permitted the distasteful suggestions of those who do not mean Nigeria and Nigerians well. His statements regarding the militarisation of social media and possible clampdown on Nigerians’ rights to free speech, associations and demonstrations show he is still the undemocratic, primordial and intolerable military head of state.

President Muhammadu Buhari has suddenly forgotten how social media was utilised by his political party, partisan cronies and PR team to push his messianic narrative, an incorruptible individual and a man with innate personality to correct the anomalistic tendencies, spree spending, uncouth lifestyles and dishonesty in the leadership of Nigeria.
I know the president means well for Nigerians. I do not doubt this but I succinctly doubt the ways he is operationalising his cogent intentions for Nigeria. Nigerians are dying every day because of the poor policy planning, leadership style, unyielding projects, tribal agenda, regional favouritism and economic executions of this administration.

We shouldn’t be talking about President Goodluck Jonathan after two years of President Buhari’s reins. Everything under Jonathan is worse under Buhari. Records conspicuously show things are worsening at an alarming rate under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari and APC. The only political indicator favourable under President Buhari is the colossal needs of endless conspiracies, propaganda, media and PR stunts.

President Buhari signed a contract to build a railway line from Kano to Daura, Katsina his hometown few days after returning from his medical exile. The project will cost Nigerians billions of Naira without any economic advantage. Where is Daura and what is happening there? How many factories, commercial companies and activities are there? What are the economic inputs of Daura to Nigeria? What percentage of Nigerians will require this rail line? If this project is necessity, why are we hearing about it for the first time? In fact, what is the population of Daura and why should the project be situated in the President’s hometown?

The plan to build the Second Niger bridge, the enlargement and upgrading of Calabar seaport and the creation of a rail line from Lagos to Abuja are far more valuable with huge economic impacts and prospects to Nigeria’s economy and Nigerians as a people.
It was in such retrogressive manner that Nigerians had to bear the disadvantageous construction of Kaduna refinery in Kaduna, a place without any crude oil deposits. Every Northern leader chancefully seek to develop the northern region at the steep expense of other regions in Nigeria and Nigerians. THIS IS WRONG!

The North does not come first. President Muhammadu Buhari promised to develop and grow Nigeria. He shouldn’t prioritise the Northern agenda over other regions with better economic prospects, demographic advantages, skilled labour and financial returns. The North didn’t make him president, Nigerians did and every Nigerian has a collective right to see positive dividends of their President.

Those around the president should be careful, the president might not have the health capacity to know the dangerous ills associated with his sectional policies and tribality. The President It is their job to advise him well, in accordance to the collective good of all Nigerians especially at this point of agitations for regional secession.

I hope the president reconsiders his actions and restrategize his ways to befit his electoral promises. I hope the presidency quickly come to their senses and straighten things up. I hope the APC as a ‘noisemaker’ of change will realise that no Nigerian will pray to have a repeat of the last two years of President Buhari’s rein.

This administration’s time to think and plan to know what to do to is long gone. It is actioning time but in their actions, we have also seen lackadaisical displays. According to the official Twitter communication channel of this administration, the weekly Federal Executive Meeting was not held this week because there was no time to plan it due to the Sallah holidays. This is the flimsiest excuse I have ever heard from President Buhari’s team. NO TIME TO PLAN? This is WHY i ask where the President is leading us to? Where exactly if they have no time to discuss about their primary concerns?

The people that voted “change” in 2015 are readying to “change the change” in 2019. Nigerians are learning in a hard way not to believe those who claim to be progressives or agitating for good governance on their behalf. Nigerians have also witnessed the gross silence of these individuals and organisations as their cronies continue to misrule Nigeria.

Media PR has failed President Buhari and his team. The woeful performance of President Buhari and his team clearly depict that Nigerians were wrong in their 2015 choice and now, Nigerians yearn for better. The people shouldn’t be deprived to the points of their deaths. No leader wants to see or witness the expression of the collective anger of its people. President Buhari is old and might not live long enough to see the dangers of his today’s policies. But, we and his children are here and I certainly know they won’t like to see Nigeria fail under the watch of their father.

May God help us all. May God Bless the good people of Nigeria.

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