Nigerian Billionaires Host US Congressional Members In Nigeria


Nigerian billionaires Tony Elumelu and Aliko Dangote hosted some members of the US congress who visited Nigeria to discuss business partnerships between the two countries.

The bi-partisan us congressional members during the event said they were optimistic about the meeting and how it will help to directly develop both countries by the empowerment of the locals.

Billionaire Tony Elumelu made the details of the meeting know via his Instagram account. Excerpts of the details include:

Yesterday, my good friend Aliko Dangote and I co-hosted a bi-partisan delegation of US Congressional members @Repwilson @sengarypeters @senbennetco @repterriasewell @rep.lisabluntrochester @repbarbaralee @repcharliedent led by @SenatorChrisCoons to a US-Nigeria business luncheon where we discussed cross-border investment opportunities between our two countries, as well as important business enhancing policies to enable private sector growth.

The US & Nigeria share a lot in common: We are both Federal Republics. We are multi-faith, multi-ethnic, liberal, progressive, and full of entrepreneurial drive and energy. Our youth are multitalented and some of the most gifted in the world. Here at home, our young entrepreneurs are finding solutions to challenges not just facing Africa, but the entire world. I believe in business and entrepreneurship, and that the future of our continent to a large extent, lies in the hands of our young entrepreneurs.

As @SenatorCoons shared with us at the evening reception, Nigerians in the diaspora in the United States are the most numerous, most educated and most successful. The American delegation visited Nigeria not just to meet the business titans, but to feel the entrepreneurial zeal and pulse of our country, to engage with the young leaders of Nigeria and other creative young entrepreneurs transforming our country and continent, one idea at a time. And I agree also with the Senator’s sentiment that Nigeria is a young democracy and the challenges we face now, America has faced in the past. It takes time to get it completely right. Nigeria and the United States share similar values, aspire to similar dreams, and strive through similar challenges. Working together can empower our vibrant and hopeful young people whose ideas and creative solutions will help make our world a better place. This was the single most resounding takeaway message for the US delegation.

Our youth demography is like no other – over 30 million banked, mobile and plugged in, forming one of the most desirable and creative clusters of young people in the world. But we owe these young people sustained support and access to opportunities.

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