Seyilaw Cries Bitterly


Nigeria’s ace comedian Seyilaw bitterly cries out after seeing a picture of a little girl crying beside the corpse of her 10-year brother.

The death of the young boy was caused as a result of the forceful relocation of a market at Okpella, Imo state on the orders of Governor Rochas Okorocha against the people’s wishes.

Seyilaw said he has waited for the official response of the State or Federal governments regarding the incident but none has come. He further blamed the government for the existence and prevalence of jungle justice as people tend to adjudicate issues the ways they can over the unresponsiveness of government officials.

Read his statement:

– This was probably the saddest picture I saw on the internet last week and waited to hear the Governor’s reaction to the killing of unarmed civilians during a demolition exercise, but I am still waiting. This is a huge problem in Nigeria, we keep mute at the death of people and that’s why Jungle justice prevails. No prosecution, No statement and the family, friends and well wishers of the victims grow with vengeance in their hearts.

The Government of this Nation make monsters out of his people and when the day of reckoning comes, they will want to demonize them. Hmmmmm. The bombs we are building in this Nation will someday explode and we will have no where to run. Imagine the kind of seed they have sown in this little girl. She might forgive, but forgetting will be very hard.

Our Government need to do more and the citizens have to be more vocal. Silence, I maintain is not always golden. Our National time bomb is ticking and our President is not so diplomatic in his statements, issuing threats in a volatile situation instead of been persuasive. Just my thoughts. God help us all.

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