The churchy and religious deceptions have done a lot already to our society, making Nigeria one of the countries with the worst and lowest IQ rate. Nigerians do not need presidential miracles, they demand their President to either resume or resign – @ezebunaf4

Nigeria’s ailing President M. Buhari has been receiving quite an increased number of visitations lately. The recent upward shift in the visitation cannot be a scientific ingenuity or an evolution from good intentions of the current administration. In fact, I am compelled to defer that this increased rate of visitations means any good to the Nigerian people, Nigeria’s economic fortunes or a strategy to keep Nigeria hopeful for the accomplishments of the several campaigns promises of this administration.

Curiously, I have followed political events taking place in Nigeria, from the repeated Boko Haram attacks in the North, the wobbly shakes of the Nigerian Naira currency, the Nnamdi Kanu Series in the East, chaotic fights for political dominance in the West, legislative mortal and fistful combat in Edo state to the lacklustre styles of silence in public and civil debates.

I have become a silent observer, a keen listener to Nigeria’s news and a note-taker of the inaudible silence and disturbingly intended inactions of those who refer to themselves as “public intellectuals” and “progressives”.

My physical distance from Nigeria avails me the periphery to absorb and decipher a lot. In this piece, I won’t discuss about those who have chosen to stay silent in the wakes of bad governance, poor leadership, anti-people policies and the nonsensical clampdowns on those who are outspoken against this APC government.

I commend the efforts of Charly Boy, Deji Adeyanju and the entire team of #OurMumuDonDo and Concerned Nigerian Movements for their efforts. You all initiated a discussion that challenged the hypocrites who protested late President Musa Yaradua’s (PDP) government but can’t do so now.

The #ResumeOrResign protests exposed the hypocrisy of the civil society groups and organisations who engaged themselves in protests over issues against governments of the past but cannot do the same now, talk about the ills of this government or even condemn the government’s flaws because their friends and cronies are the ones in power.

The effects of the #ResumeOrResign protests have pushed the present leadership of APC into another public relations hocus pocus. The #ResumeOrResign protest showed the whole world how low Nigeria is and how Nigerians have become a laughing stock in the international community.

Nigerians now know they can be attacked when they protest in certain parts of the country, against certain elected officers and against specific political group. Shame! It is a shame that we claim to practice democracy but we do so only to inflict more suffrages, economic hardships, insecurity on the people and to promote inconsistencies in the policies and administrations of governmental institutions.

The whole charade of visitations received by ailing president Muhammadu Buhari is to show what could be portrayed as a healthy, able to serve and strong enough to lead man. But, I call their bluffs. If President Buhari is well and able, there will be no need for excessive visitations. Recently, President Buhari has received visitors from Nigeria and outside Nigeria. Few weeks ago, his media team and aides paid him a courtesy visit.

During that visitation, photographs were taken and videos were recorded without the so-called able President speaking directly to Nigerians in a video. Few days ago, the leadership of Nigeria’s House of Assembly in persons of Senate President Bukola Saraki and Speaker Dogara visited. What was the meeting for?

The future of the country is shaky but our leaders are more interested in PR stunts and keeping a sick, old and unable man in power? The intentions of these regular visitations remain unclear, and Nigerians are asking questions without getting meaningful responses from those in power. If President Buhari is well, he will return Nigeria and stop the excessive debts his continued stay in the United Kingdom is costing Nigeria.

Yesterday, pictures of visitation by pastor E.A. Adeboye emerged on Social Media showing President Buhari holding a book while discussing with the Nigerian pastor. Many suggested that the book is a Bible and that the handshake shared by both men has neutralised the powers of the sickness sickening the Nigeria’s President. According to them, pastor E.A. Adeboye is a renowned man of God.

Let’s even assume President Buhari is holding a Bible, but remember, he is also a devout Muslim, one who has clearly shown his religious favouritism by politically appointing those synonymous with his beliefs and ideologies. His plans to islamise Nigeria remain a public debate in different political discourses.

Can such ardent Muslim’s sickness be healed by a Christian pastor? A lot of people with low IQ can quickly conclude with a “YES”, that President Buhari can be healed of his sickness by a Christian pastor. Nevertheless, people quickly forget that the Nigeria’s President has been visited by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby this August at the same Abuja House in London.

The present health conditions of President Buhari, a public servant isn’t public. Nigerians do not know the health conditions of their President, yet, they are encouraged to pray for him. Every President Buhari’s aide, political friends and benefactors of this present government have turned Nigerians into prayer warriors, advising and demanding prayers for ailing President Buhari.

As a matter of fact, prayer works but praying cannot solve Nigeria’s leadership problems neither will it help President Buhari nor make the latter well miraculously because prayers does not stop ageing processes. President Muhammadu Buhari is old, a great grandfather who lacks the body stamina, mental capacity, physical health and wellbeing to lead people or govern Nigeria.

With alacrity, I advise the man of God to distance himself from politics and avoid being used to deceive the Nigerian populace. The churchy and religious deceptions have done a lot already to our society, making Nigeria one of the countries with the worst and lowest IQ rate. Nigerians do not need presidential miracles, they demand their President to either resume or resign.

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