Gov. Willie Obiano Of Anambra State Has Failed Anambra Youths By Uche E. Chisom

This is nothing but a pure art of scam. I believe it's high time the government stopped making promises for self gratification and false praises.


“We were even asked to open an account with Ndiolu Micro-Finance Bank, an Anambra state’s bank with the sum of five thousand Naira each. It’s heartbreaking that we never got our SEED MONEY, neither did we get a refund of our bank deposits”. – @ella4uche


In 2015, our dearest Governor, Dr. Willie Obiano made us a promise of empowering the youths in Anambra state. Every one sang his praise, hopes were renewed. So many parents were happy because it was a sign of relief to the unemployed youths scattered around the state.

The news was spread across the state like wildfire, youths began to apply for the program. Some who were outside the state travelled down, just to participate in the empowerment program. The program was set to accommodate and empower 500 youths. So people were selected randomly from different local government areas.

The program kicked off in the month of February that same year in collaboration with TIC (Technology Incubation Center) Nnewi, Anambra State. I could remember skipping classes in school just to be part of the program.

Many who were managing one menial job or the other resigned because, their employers could not condole continuous excuses for being absent from work.

It wasn’t easy at all, but we all managed to scale from the hustle and hassles that went with the program. Even when it was time to test our abilities on the various skills we learnt, we all proved that the teaching and efforts of our Dear Governor was not in vain.

After the four months program, promises were made to us to keep our cool. Because what the Governor had in stock for us was much more than we ever expected.
He told us that, he was going to give us something called “SEED MONEY”, that would help us in establishing whatever skills we have acquired.

On August 2015 when our Governor turned 60, he told the whole world that he has empowered the 500 youths. When we complained, we were asked to come and get loans with very impossible conditions. This was quite astonishing because it wasn’t anything close to what our Governor Obiano promised us.

This is nothing but a pure art of scam. I believe it’s high time the government stopped making promises for self gratification and false praises.

“It was as worse as denying us certificates from our trainees (TIC).”

Please I want to make this very clear, this is exactly two years down the line and we are yet to receive our SEED MONEY.

Biko ndi-Anambra and my fellow Nigerians, today I speak for the youths. We are tired of clapping to false praise.

Please Governor Obiano, stop making people believe you empowered us.

We need our SEED MONEY!!!




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